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Employee Time Tracking Instructions

Welcome to Firefight! If you are viewing this page, you are likely a new hire, and need to get time tracking set up so that we can pay you! Or you are a nosy player, either way, here we go.

Useful Links

Clockify Clockify Apps Clockify Web tracker Codealike Plugins

Setting Up

Preparing Clockify

To get started, you must first setup an account at Clockify

  • Visit https://clockify.me/
  • Select 'Sign up' on the top right
  • We would prefer you sign up with Google, but that is optional.
  • Once your account is created, send the email that you used to sign up to Aeternum.
  • While you wait for administration to assign your access, visit your profile setings

  • Set your Name to either your real first and last name, or your dicord username, we would prefer you used your discord username, but either is permitted.
  • Upload an avatar, prefferably similar to your discord avatar for easy identification.
  • Lastly, check your timezone settings to ensure its accurate.
  • Installing one of their official apps is not neccessary, the web tracker has identical functionality, if you want to anyways, a list of their official apps is linked to at the beggining of the guide.

Tracking Ettiquette and Instructions


  • You begin tracking your time by starting a timer, You do this by entering the description of what you are currently working on.

  • Do not start the timer until your workspace is open and ready to begin working.
  • Once you select start, you wil be prompted to assign a task and tag to your current timer.
  • First select the project you are working on

  • Then assign a tag that best describes what you are currently doing. Please do not create new tags.

  • Once the project and task have been assigned and a tag has been selected, mark whether or not the work is billable, if you arent sure, mark it as billable. This means that you intend to get paid for the time you are about to log.

  • Then click ok, and begin working
  • If you wish to pause or end the timer, simply click the red timer button.

  • If you return to that task within 24 hours and wish to resume that timer, select the play button next to that time entry.

  • Otherwise, please start a new timer.


  • If you use a hackable editor or an ide, we optionally ask that you use more specific time tracking plugins designed for the program you use. We reccommend any of the plugins by codealike, linked at the beggining of this guide.
  • If you choose to do so, at the end of every day, simply take the total time the plugin tracked (it should automatically stop tracking when you are idle or not coding), and manually log it on clockify as one solid session with no interuptions.
  • To do so, select the hamburger icon on the far right of the timer or select the hamburger on the top right and select manual for the web and desktop apps respectively.

  • Enter the time range, select the project and task, and assign a tag, then select add to save the entry.

Ettiquette and Rules

  • It is your responsibility to accuratly track your time. Suspicious entries will be investigated.
  • Please do not run the timer when idle, stepping away from your workstation, switching to other work, researching, etc. Only track what you actually actively do for firefight.
  • Please make sure to double check entries before submission, and regularly look back at previous entries to check for errors.