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Dev Diary - Tuesday, July 16th, 2019


Staff member
Hello and welcome to another dev diary, don't forget to smash that like and subs-
I'm lame, ignore me. Anyways, Welcome to firefights first official, really real, dev diary. To get started i wanted to thank the wonderful members of my team. Once they get their asses on the forum, ill give them roles and mention them here.

A big hug and a shiny ticker for @BananaPuncher714 (He loves tickers, don't judge) Firefights primary server developer, and the creator of the original idea for firefight. It started about 4 months ago, when Banana started screwing around with better alternatives for gunplay in mc. We soon turned it into an idea for a server, a mutual love for anime, and the realization that we actually had something good here, we decided to make a Gun Gale Online inspired server.

Massive thanks and small payments for motivation to Cyberpwn, for all his hard work on the client, and custom wrapper, Launchkit, that enables the launcher to control the jvm and minecraft instance, super important!

Love and hearts to Poison Apple, whom we then hired to create the launcher. He beautifully implemented our designs, and created the foundation of what will become an amazing experience.

And last but not least, sincere appreciation for Cloth, or brand new server developer, who will be working extensively on the nitty gritty for everything from game-modes to arena instances, to that small button you can click to spawn a cake on your head.

So what is Firefight?
Firefight is a minecraft server, heavily inspired by Sword Art Online's second season, Gun Gale Online an epic mmorpg first person shooter in which users rind for gear, customize it to make it their own, and battle against monsters and other players in big open free for all's and tailored tournaments. But we are going to take it a step further. Here is a small taste of what we have planned for the game:
  • Adventure The main adventure will occur on a massive 20k by 15k map designed and built in collaboration with InMine. This game-mode is where you will spend most of your time. Small amounts of semi rare loot spawns here, heavily guarded of course, along with tons of common gear.
    • Combat: Open PVP and PVE
    • Things to do: Locate and travel between large cities, small towns, ruins, dungeon entrances, and other points of interest. Fight monsters with increasing difficulty the farther you are from a city, and level up your player to unlock new perks on your skill tree. Repair, purchase, and build weapons at various spots in cities and towns.
    • Experience: Players earn 50% more experience here.
  • Crawler A classic dungeon crawler with a twist, and guns! The entrances to rare dungeons will be all over the adventure map, finding them unlocks them in your dungeon progression menu. Hundreds of dungeons with increasing difficulty will be available, you start from the bottom and unlock your way up. This is where you will get the most gear and loot, as rewards for clearing floors. But play it cool, and plan your strategy, You can't bring ammo with you here, and you only get to use what you find on the ground!
    • Combat: Wave and Structured PVE
    • Things to do: Smash heads, open treasure, and don't die!
    • Experience: Weapons earn 50% more experience here.
  • Unranked Matches This is where the fun begins. Once you have picked up some sweet gear in crawler, and leveled it up and fine tuned it in while adventuring, you can put your skill and metal to the test in tons of pvp game-modes! Fight your friends, Befriend your enemies, or go solo and rule them all!
    • Combat: Structured PVP
    • Things to do: Break skulls, fill people with holes, survive!
    • Experience: Players earn 50% less experience here.
  • Ranked Matches This is where the veterans go to play. Ranked game-play will consist of seasons. The length of a season has yet to be determined. When a season starts, select your best gear, build a load-out, and enter the preliminary bracket. Fight your way through, and the top 30 players will be entered into the ultimate ranked season tournament, our interpretation of the Bullet of Bullets. This will be an epic free for all, on a new custom map every season. featuring all the important mechanics, sat maps, strategy, tactics, firefights, and ultimate domination. Do you have what it takes to win the ultimate firefight? Winners earn cash (Paypal), a trophy (shiny!), custom gear and cosmetics, and superior bragging rights.
    • Combat: Free for all PVP
    • Things to do: Look over your shoulder, fight through the ranks, win!
    • Experience: Players and weapons to not gain experience in ranked play. Instead all experience goes towards your ranking. The mechanics of which are yet to be decided.
  • Zombies Come on, we cant make an excellent FPS without adding zombie survival. Details on this game-mode will be available post launch.
  • Sandbox Infinite ammo. Do i need to say more? Sandbox mode will be a clone of the Adventure map, allowing you to explore in safety, summon bosses of various types as you decide, and you toggle unlimited clip and unlimited ammo for all your testing needs!
    • Combat: Summonable PVE and Standard PVP
    • Things to do: Test your gear, shoot lots of bullets at no cost, blow things up, drive really fast and not worry about dying!!
    • Experience: Players and weapons do not earn experience in sandbox.
So that about sums up the core content this server will offer. Next time, we will go into detail about how we make it all work!

Thanks for reading, Aeternum.